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for industrial spare parts

Reduce costs by smartly combining digital and physical spare parts management while increasing spare parts availability to over 99 percent.


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Safe, fast and reliable

Obtain spare parts safely, quickly and reliably from our production network or directly from the market.

Highest network density

In the SPARETECH network, you have access to procurement sources that would otherwise not be available to you.

Guaranteed spare parts availability

Secure availabilities instead of stock sales. Order spare parts only when they are needed.

Cost factor spare parts

Production downtime can quickly become extremely expensive for companies. That's why warehouses are well stocked for emergencies. However, the same spare part is often available in several warehouses at different locations - the common-part-rate is often 15 to 25 percent. What is missing is a transparent data situation in the ERP systems. This is where SPARETECH comes into play.

Analysis of globally operating industrial companies

> million
Euro spare parts inventory volume
Work with other warehouses in their production network to maintain average inventory levels at an optimal level.
+ %
annual increase in inventory
Compare procurement options of similar parts to achieve savings through substitutions and bundling effects.
Material numbers in the ERP system

Save yourself the online or catalog search and let the software create and update the master data within seconds.

Common parts analysis at the push of a button

In the first step, SPARETECH's solution ensures transparency by uniquely identifying spare parts through state-of-the-art technologies from the fields of semantic data management, Big Data and automated data processing. In the second step, duplicates, discontinuations and common parts across locations are made visible and original manufacturer product information is added. The result is a complete and error-free database.

Cross-site warehouse management

On the basis of this database, Leadec is setting up a cross-site warehouse management system in which several plants access a central spare parts warehouse (inventory pooling). This integrated approach reduces inventories and saves costs while increasing availability. Here, Leadec brings in its expertise in-plant logistics and maintenance from its daily work in more than 300 factories worldwide.

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