Success story Airbus Helicopter SAS & SPARETECH​

Success story Airbus Helicopter SAS & SPARETECH​

Availability of Spare Parts is key to ensure uptime of machinery and equipment. Our intelligent search algorithms and data platform enable customers worldwide to excel.

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available", says Markus Schuster, Industrial Asset Manager at Airbus Helicopters.​

As a SPARETECH partner, Airbus Helicopter SAS benefits from the  SPARETECH database, which covers over 10,000,000 original manufacturer data. The SPARETECH search is constantly improved and matches search requests of all kinds (type descriptions, manufacturer names, material numbers, etc.) with the SPARETECH database.​ This way you will always find the spare part you are looking for immediately.

You are interested to find out, how much time and money SPARETECH can save for you? Contact us and start your free trial now.


Picture: Airbus Helicopters SAS & SPARETECH GmbH

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